"​After nearly 40 years of spiritual seeking and studying with several Guru’s and teachers I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Why am I still searching? If Truth is supposed to be simple and inside, why am I not getting it?” It was only after meeting Gabor (www.gaborharsanyi.com) who guided me into the “No-Thought Presence” that the realization dawn on me that all my previous pursuits were none other than a mind with an ego attempting to become enlightened. A teacher who is present and guides you into presence does not “misinform” since it is not with “information” that he teaches. It is a vertical path that does not rely on verbal content but rather on entering the inner sanctum of silent being." Nurit

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"After reading this book I asked Nurit to be one of the 17 speakers at the International Conference on "The Soul" that took place in Budapest this fall. I feel that her book is very important and should be read by everyone. I also enjoyed the humorous way in which she drives home the some of the deepest mysteries of life." Dr. Pap Eva, Budapest, Hungary

Nurit            Oren

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"Nurit's book is a book of an interesting, entertaining and at the same time a thought provoking adventurous true life story of a person who is seeking for her birthright. This is definitely a book for those who are looking for enlightenment on their spiritual path no matter whether they are at the beginning of their own search or somewhere on that road. This is not another boring spiritual book, but an entertaining and on occasion laugh-out-loud journey in life. This book should be and deserves to be translated into many languages." Vanda Toth, Hungarian language teacher at Semmelweis University for medical and pharmaceutical students

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